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i still dream i can fly...

20 April 1980
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About Me

Name: Donald
Age: 30
Location: Houston, Tx
School: Alumni of Stephen F. Austin State University
Major: Public Administration
Minor: Criminal Justice
Pets:Pandora (8yo Jack Russell Terrier), Loki (8yo Rat Terrier/Spitz)
Job:Lending Assistant for a bank.
Most Likely to Be: at work, reading, watching a Netflix movie, on computer, on instant messenger, jogging, drinking coffee.
Computers: iBook, Mac mini, mini-Dell with Vista.
Collects: Donald Duck stuff, catholic saint medallions, vinyl records, books
Interests: listed below (you know, in the Interests section...)

Feel free to drop a line (email, IM, or text message) anytime.

Firefox 2 Latest Joy of Tech!
Latest Joy of Tech!